Why Do Some People Hate Babies

Whether you believe it or not, some people are very vocal about their hatred for babies.

Going further, they have listed many reasons for their hatred toward babies, and the truth is, they are all valid.

There is nothing abnormal about hating babies, and even though some of the hatred is motivated by a bad experience, it has nothing to do with any medical condition whatsoever.

It may sound against nature, but trust me; it’s all good. So don’t stress yourself if you fall into such a category of people.

After all, parenting is one of the most challenging jobs that demands much effort, and not everyone is cut out for it.

And the tricky part?

You never really know if you’re up for the demands of parenting until you become a parent.

So, some people get to that point and realize they can’t put up with all the demands of being a parent, and they get frustrated, fall into a condition like depression, and then begin to hate themselves for it.

They’ll blame the baby for taking away their happiness. The blame develops into hatred, and they eventually start hating babies in general.

This is just one of the many reasons some people hate babies, and in this article, we’ll explore several other reasons.

Stay with me.

Reasons Why Some People Hate Babies

Why Do Some People Hate Babies
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1. Frustration

As I mentioned earlier, frustration is one of the major reasons people (especially mothers) develop hatred for babies.

It is usually motivated by an unpleasant experience the mother passed through during pregnancy or during the early stages of caring for the baby.

Let me explain.

I’ve heard a lot of mothers complain about how miserable their life is because of their baby; they claim their life was going great until the baby came along, and because of that, they have abandoned themselves and no longer care for themselves like before, no longer do some of the things they enjoy doing initially.

It’s becoming frustrating for them, or even worse, making them depressed. And since they see the baby as the cause of their frustration and depression, they begin to hate the baby, and sometimes, other babies too.

2. Being Abandoned

Some mothers we interviewed cited abandonment as a reason they hate babies, and I’ll tell you how!

Whether in marriage or while dating their partner, some mothers were not ready to have a baby; they still wanted more for themselves, like maybe pursuing a degree, a career, or whatever aspiration they had at that time.

But life happened.

She got pregnant.

She wanted to abort it, but the partner (boyfriend or husband) convinced her otherwise.

When the baby is eventually born, the partner grows distant and is significantly less supportive.

He’s either being careless about the baby’s welfare, leaving everything to the mother, or, in some worst-case scenarios, abandoning the family entirely (usually with the excuse that he can no longer handle the responsibilities), running away, and settling with another woman elsewhere.

This can make some mothers hate their babies because all the responsibility is on them alone; they have given up on many dreams because they can’t possibly care for the baby while chasing their dreams.

At this point, some mothers will spend most of their time feeling betrayed, self-loathed, and bittered.

It’s even more painful for her when she remembers she never wanted the baby in the first place–she was persuaded into having the baby.

Then, of course, she’ll hate her partner, but she’ll project some of that hatred toward the baby until she eventually hates everything about babies.

3. Rape

Many women became mothers through rape experiences, and it’s painful, depressing, and traumatic.

The traumas that come with being raped were enough reason for some mothers to hate their babies.

We can’t fault them for that because rape is a bad experience that really f*cks up the mental health of its victims, capable of reconfiguring their emotional construct.

So, some people hate babies because they were raped into motherhood, and that’s not all; the father abandoned them.

And it’s not like they always know who the father is. It’s just so unfortunate for them.

This situation has also made many mothers give up on their dreams because even after being raped, they couldn’t abort the baby, probably due to their faith or other people’s opinions.

Anyone faced with such a reality will eventually hate the baby if she’s not emotionally and mentally strong enough to push through the ordeal.

4. Germs

Some people are very scared of germs; they do not associate themselves with anything that will bring any form of germs into their lives.

For that reason, they keep themselves away from babies, whom they believe can be a source of germ contact since babies love to move everywhere and touch anything.

5. Difficult To Please

One of the notable attributes of a baby is that they are pretty difficult to please; they cry for no reason, demand anything at any time, they can ask for food, and cry while the food has been provided.

Some people find all these difficult to cope with. They hate that they must endure this immense stress to please anyone, so they decide to avoid babies.

6. Attention

Since babies cannot think for themselves, they will always demand maximum attention; they need attention before they sleep, eat, bathe, and even cry. This can be a great task, and some people will struggle to keep up.

7. Difficult To Communicate

Babies can’t communicate fully compared to adults. For this reason, they will demand special patients to be able to communicate, and some people don’t have that kind of patience to give. So they better avoid having babies than see themselves in such a situation. 

8. Emotional Draining

Having babies comes with great demand, care, patience, and attention; these can be emotionally draining.

At some point, you will lose your cool and feel like leaving them, but you know you can’t because that will be cruel; thereby, you are forced to stay back and care for them.

Such an experience can be challenging for a lot of people; they are better off not going to have babies than going through such emotional stress. 

9. Disorderliness

Babies do nothing other than what they want to do, maybe to cry, smile, or even laugh based on what they see or the gestures you demonstrate to them; they do what they want.

Babies also want to touch anything and everything; they don’t care what you think about their actions; they do it.

For this reason, some people tend to hate babies.

But, on the other hand, some people love orderliness; they want their home to be exactly the way they arranged it to be, and they know that a baby will touch everything and rearrange or scatter things, which can get them furious, probably a kind of anger they can’t share but endure, and as for some people, they better not try having a baby than go through that phase of anger. 

10. They Eat Anything

Babies are curious about almost everything; they want to feel and taste anything available.

They want it all when it comes to food; they don’t care if it is for adults, humans, or dogs; they throw it into their mouths.

Babies can even locate the garbage or waste bin, get anything their hands can touch, and eat.

So some people can’t even deal with these thoughts about how much more having a baby of their own. Instead, they find babies annoying for reasons like this.

11. Ugly

This is probably the craziest reason of all, but it’s true. Some people don’t find babies attractive; they see them as ugly.

I know this sounds troubling, but it’s nothing extraordinary. It’s just people being people, exhibiting their awkwardness. 

12. Dumb Habit

As earlier established, babies know nothing other than what they feel and think of to do; it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, smart or dumb, they do their thing, and they have all the right to do whatever they want, that is why they are babies, and adults have to correct them and direct them.

However, some people feel babies are dumb and hate them for just that reason alone. 

13. Boring

Babies can sometimes be boring, which is quite understandable, but for some, it’s not something they can deal with. So they tend to hate babies and avoid much contact with them.

14. Fragile

Babies are so fragile that you can get sacred touching them; they are delicate and need care and attention.

This can be nothing to some people, especially those who love babies; however, some are scared of babies because of their fragile nature.

Therefore, they are better off far away from babies than touching them. 

We have highlighted some key reasons why people tend to hate babies. Now let us talk about what you can do to convert your hate to love and make babies love you too. 

Tips To Convert Your Hatred To Love

Why Do Some People Hate Babies
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The tips in the following paragraphs are very helpful if you’re willing to try them. It won’t be easy, but you’ll notice positive changes if you try hard enough.

Let’s move on.

1. Create A Safe Place Within Yourself

Sometimes, it could be that you have filled yourself with lots of negativity about babies, so your mind has been poisoned.

You need to create a safe place for babies in your heart, but first, you need to replace that negativity with positive thoughts.

2. Touch And Affection

 I know this may sound scary to many people who hate babies, but have you ever wondered about the possibility of loving them and the feeling and calmness babies bring into one’s life?

You must overcome yourself and take that bold step to touch a baby, look into their eyes, and say something beautiful. Take the courage today, and you won’t regret it. 

3. Respond When They Try To Speak Or Cry

You will be surprised by the baby’s reaction when you respond with tenderness when they try to speak or cry. Their responses can be charming, and you will fall in love with them.  

4. Sing Songs

Babies love songs; they want to hear soothing sounds and respond to them in their way. So you can easily bond and fall in love with babies by singing to them.

5. Try And Play With Them

Babies are not so boring; it is just that some people do not know how to be creative around babies; You can have the best time of your life playing with babies.

6. Eye Contacts

Babies love eye contact; since they are curious about everything in their environment, they want to see everything, feel everything, and touch everything.

Looking at them and maintaining eye contact will make them want to know you better and probably give you a chance to know them better. Eye contact can also create a bond between you and your babies. 

7. Take Them Outside

You can brighten a baby’s mood by taking them outside. You allow them to see the bigger world and interact with it in their own way; Vitamin D that comes with morning sunlight can also make babies happy.

When babies are happy, they tend to love who makes them happy. Please ensure that the baby is of age before bringing them outside and that they wear protective clothing to avoid sunburn.

8. Get Them Toys

Getting toys for babies and playing with them with the toys can be a good source of bonding; it can help the baby communicate with you and offer you some fun activities. You can also take them to see a movie with you if they’re old enough.


Why Do Some People Hate Babies
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Babies are blessings; they are loving and tender. Babies can also be frustrating to care for because they cry and demand a lot, but it is nothing compared to the joy they bring.

It is okay not to love babies, maybe because of how they react or act, but that is what makes them babies.

Hating them won’t stop them from being babies and won’t help you to know them better.

So open your mind, try them, look at them, touch them, be patient with them, make funny gestures, get them toys, try and play with them, and I promise you will never regret what you did. 

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