30 Best Summer Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby showers are beautiful occasions to acknowledge the impending birth of a child.

Additionally, it is a moment for close friends and family to rejoice at the transition of a pregnant lady into motherhood.

The sunny summer months are ideal for celebrating the expecting parents and the birth of a new child if you happen to be hosting your baby shower at that time.

There are many opportunities to hold your celebration in settings that aren’t great in the winter because the sun is shining, the atmosphere is joyful, and the weather is perfect.

The secret to organizing the ideal baby shower is picking a theme, regardless of whether you want to organize a summer baby shower indoors or outside in a stunning natural setting.

Baby shower themes for the summer can include pastel and white hues. Additionally, they can be influenced by various summertime locales, including the tropics, islands, Hawaii, and gardens.

BBQs and picnics are two more popular summertime activities.

Last but not least, summery symbols like flowers, sunflowers, bees, balloons, and ice cream can serve as inspiration for baby shower decorations.

This article’s 30 summer baby shower ideas may inspire your baby shower.

30 Best Summer Baby Shower Theme Ideas To Consider For Your Next Celebration

Summer Baby Shower Theme

1. Floral-themed Baby Shower

When sunflowers are insufficient to capture the vivacity of summer, utilize all the blooms you can. A floral baby shower can provide you with a fun and vibrant occasion.

Flowers blossom and symbolize new life, making them excellent symbolism, especially for baby showers where the impending birth of a new baby also symbolizes new life.

You can be sure that floral-themed parties will always be in style because flowers change seasonally in nature.

A floral baby shower involves decorating the entire space with flowers and floral arrangements.

You can combine long-stemmed flowers of different types, colors, and sizes in vases, jars, and even buckets. Naturally, the visitors must dress their best using floral outfits.

2. Garden-themed Baby Shower

A traditional outdoor baby shower is the best option for couples who want a calmer and more serene baby shower.

The extravagant garden parties that Queen Victoria hosted in the 1860s are the basis for the traditional garden motif.

These garden gatherings served as a venue for socializing, playing garden games, and indulging in various delicacies for noblemen and noblewomen.

A garden party should be considered if you can access a large yard or a neighboring park. It is necessary to have long tables and chairs with floral and vibrant color decorations.

However, seating guests directly on the ground with blankets and pillows at garden events is also growing in popularity.

Sweet snacks and delicacies are frequently served as meals at garden parties.

However, the fantastic outside setting can also be a positive aspect when offering fresh fruit.

Finally, garden parties are frequently formal occasions. You might want to request that your visitors dress formally and casually.

3. Picnic Baby Shower

A picnic baby shower is similar to the more informal option for folks on a budget, while a garden baby shower is ideal for people who want something elegant outdoors.

A picnic baby shower can still be unique even when the costs are cheaper. Long tables and chairs would be ideal, like at a garden party.

However, you may also spread blankets on the ground so everyone can sit at a picnic.

Get picnic baskets filled with various foods, like sandwiches, salads, pies, and more, for a picnic baby shower.

The attendees can dress casually to reflect the surroundings of this summer baby shower theme, which is more laid-back than a garden party.

4. All-White Themed Baby Shower

Although summer is sometimes associated with brilliant and bright colors, white surprisingly captures the essence of summer rather effectively.

While the absence of color can be thought of as the color, the color can also refer to the combination of every color in the rainbow.

Because of this, white is a fantastic color to choose for a summer event.

The fact that white has long been connected with innocence and purity, which are customarily associated with babies, is another reason you might consider having an all-white summer baby shower theme.

Last but not least, a summer baby shower that is all white has a regal and luxurious style that many parents might like for their baby shower.

When throwing an all-white baby shower, getting all-white decorations (such as white tablecloths, white streamers, white floral arrangements, white balloons, etc.) is simple.

The hosts should also request that everyone dress in white.

5. Tropical Themed Baby Shower

You can capitalize on the fresh summer feeling by hosting a tropical baby shower, a dramatic contrast to the all-white baby shower.

You may embrace the natural hues of the world with this summer baby shower theme by using rich greens, reds, and yellows.

Think “jungle” while preparing the space for a tropical baby shower. Distribute all kinds of greenery, flowers, and plants throughout.

Let in as much natural light as possible if the area has windows.

Large plants like palm trees and flowers can also fill the area and reinforce the motif.

Also, guests are encouraged to join the theme by donning their best tropical costumes. Let them dress like they would if they were visiting a tropical location on vacation.

Food and beverages ought to be current with the theme.

The most excellent approach for this theme would be to strongly include fresh fruits on the menu, such as fruit punch, fruit kebabs, and other dishes.

6. Safari Themed Baby Shower

You can have fun with a safari-themed baby shower by bringing together the best of the natural world.

Some classic ideas are animal-themed gifts, animal-shaped food, balloon animals, cuddly animal toys, and animal-print decor.

There are countless original ideas for this baby shower theme.

7. Elegant Tea Party-Themed Baby Shower

You can also accentuate your event’s modest elegance with a baby shower afternoon tea.

You can celebrate and unwind with fresh flowers, delicate desserts, precisely cut sandwiches, and perhaps even some classical music.

Elegant baby showers are traditional for a reason, after all!

8. Princess Themed Baby Shower

Why not live the royal life for a day?

A princess baby shower theme may add a touch of royalty to your special day, regardless of whether you’re expecting your little princess or prefer to make the day all about you (which is acceptable, in our opinion!).

We envision a crown for you, a throne to sit on, classy baby shower fare, and faux champagne for that extra dash of princess pixie dust.

9. Rainbow-themed Baby Shower

Nothing screams “celebration!” more than rainbow hues, whether you’re celebrating the joy a rainbow baby can bring or adore the bright and colorful things in life.

How about colorful fruit smoothies and a rainbow-themed balloon arch for a fantastic photo backdrop for rainbow baby shower themes? You will love it!

10. Elephant Baby Shower

Elephant baby shower themes are suitable for both gender-positive and gender-neutral baby showers.

It will undoubtedly be a cute baby shower theme, whether you choose the traditional gray elephant motif or go with pink or even blue!

11. Teddy Bear-Themed Baby Shower

Get ahead of the curve and choose a teddy bear-themed baby shower because cuddly toys will rule your life in a few weeks or months!

Use a traditional, loving brown teddy bear, or go wild with themed colors for a gender-neutral baby shower theme.

12. Lemon Themed Baby Shower

A baby shower with a citrus theme that is joyful and pleasant, along with a cool glass of lemonade, will be the ideal summertime celebration.

13. Beach Themed Baby Shower

Use light hues, neutral accents, and airy textiles to have the baby shower on the beach to take advantage of the sunny forecast and beautiful weather.

14. Bee Themed Baby Shower

The common bumblebee is yet another timeless symbol of the season. The bee is a significant figure in spring and summer, buzzing from blossom to flower.

Have a sweet summertime baby shower theme with bees.

The bee is a fantastic party theme since you may decorate it in many ways. You can utilize hues like yellows, browns, and blacks that are associated with bees.

Additionally, you can employ a lot of hexagonal images. Additionally, you can scatter honey jars everywhere to further the motif.

15. Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower

There is no better way to celebrate a baby shower than with ice cream because it is meant to commemorate the birth of a child.

Even though it is a sweet delicacy, ice cream is iconic enough for parties to center around it.

Additionally, as kids used to chase after ice cream trucks in the summer, ice cream is one of many essentials.

The menu is resolved by hosting an ice cream baby shower.

A sundae bar or an ice cream station can be put up in addition to other appetizers for visitors.

Purchase many flavors so visitors can create a dessert with all their favorite flavors.

16. Cupcake Bouquet Themed Baby Shower

Vanilla cupcakes can be adorned with buttercream frosting in various pink and peach hues and arranged to resemble a bouquet. Utilize genuine tulip stems and leaves to finish off the “bouquet.”

17. Champagne Themed Baby Shower

Since it is a baby shower, we are discussing champagne tones rather than actual champagne.

With taupe hues, airy textiles, and a dash of greenery, host a chic summer baby shower.

18. Navy Themed Baby Shower

Combine navy with pink, orange, red, or even yellow for a striking summer baby shower look.

19. Orange Themed Baby Shower

Since it’s summer, choose an orange color scheme to reflect the bounty of fresh fruits.

20. Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Consider having a summer baby shower with a nautical theme, blue and white colors, stripes, nautical themes, anchors, and more.

21. Clementine Themed Baby Shower

Adding a clementine motif to the summer baby shower event will provide pleasant summery vibes.

22. Pastel Themed Baby shower

Couples can think about hosting a pastel baby shower instead of an all-white celebration if they prefer white simplicity, innocence, and purity but still want a splash of color.

Over the years, pastel celebrations have grown in popularity, especially those hosted by minimalists.

Any vibrant hue may be made into a pastel by adding enough white to make it appear softer.

Pastel hues have come to be more and more frequently linked with babies throughout the years due to their kind and welcoming attitude.

Pastel décor must be used practically everywhere when hosting a pastel baby shower.

This calls for pastel balloons, streamers, banners, and even frosting on cakes and cupcakes.

Naturally, you would also like your guests to dress in pastel hues to fit the occasion.

Even though pastel hues are more frequently linked with girls, the couple can still adopt such a lovely motif even if they are having a boy.

23. Sunflower Themed Baby Shower

The fact that so many cultural icons are connected to summer is one of its finest qualities.

You might also think about hosting a sunflower party if you want to have a sweet and cuddly summer baby shower theme.

As the name would imply, a sunflower baby shower is just a gathering with lots of sunflowers.

Sunflower arrangements can be used to adorn the area. You may also purchase additional things with sunflower themes to enliven the space.

While many different flowers are connected to summer, the sunflower stands out because it is the ideal flower to commemorate the birth of a child since its vivid yellow color has been connected to childhood and innocence.

24. Popsicle-themed Baby Shower

A baby shower with a popsicle theme is a pleasant and sunny choice for summer. Decorate in vibrant, playful hues to give guests a sense of summer.

Other alternatives include popsicle cupcake toppers, a popsicle stick table runner, cloth napkins folded to resemble popsicles, and push-pop party favors.

Include indicators that declare the expectant mother is “about to pop.”

25. Winnie-The-Pooh Themed Baby Shower

Take a beautiful Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme and enter the hundred-acre wood. Decorate your baby shower with famous figures like Pooh Bear, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger.

Additionally, you can include some rustic accents, such as wood slabs or stands for the cake and pastries. As party favors, give guests jars of the local “Hunny.”

26. Under The Sea Themed Baby Shower

Organize a fun baby shower with an under-the-sea theme to include friends and relatives. Decorate your home with sweets that include whales, fish, turtles, and other sea life.

Order a bespoke cake with blue swishes resembling ocean waves and a smiling whale. Serving a blue “ocean water” punch will go well with your theme.

27. Football Baby Shower

There will soon be a young quarterback! Consider hosting a baby shower with a football theme.

This theme is ideal if prospective parents enjoy spending time together watching football.

Your location should be decorated with goalposts, helmets, and footballs. Create a sheet cake with yard lines, a little football, and other details to resemble a football field.

Use your favorite team’s colors, or stick with blue and green if you don’t know what they are.

28. BBQ Themed Baby Shower

A barbecue baby shower is ideal for a summer event or if the pregnant mother hanks for hamburgers.

Set up some lawn games outside, offer punch in colored mason jars, and decorate with white and red checkered tablecloths.

Serve your main entrée from a hotdog or hamburger bar with various toppings. Dessert at a fun smores station will round out the occasion.

29. Cartoon Baby Shower

Cartoon-themed baby showers are still widespread. But many more topics are covered in cartoons than just Disney or comic book characters.

Any cartoon figure or artwork might be the subject of a cartoon baby shower theme.

30. Fishing Themed Baby Shower

Soon, there’ll be a lovely fishing companion. Throw a baby shower with a fishing theme to help the expecting parents celebrate.

Place wooden fish, miniature fishing poles, and fishing bobbers all over your tablescapes, and decorate your cake to resemble a fishing pond.

Include Swedish fish and goldfish crackers as entertaining snacks with a fishing theme.


Remember to customize the theme to the mom-to-be’s preferences when arranging the menu and activities.

You should also take any dietary restrictions into account, as well as the comfort of your visitors.

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