The Impact of Baby Shark on Early Childhood Development

Ask almost any kid on the street what their favorite song is; it will most likely be Baby Shark.

This song has plagued and taken the children’s world by storm with its catchy lyrics, trajectoring over 10 billion YouTube views.

And now, parents are fuming seeing their kids are getting sucked into this repetitive melody and keep “doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo” -ing the day away, even when they got homework or a bunch of other stuff to do.

It has become a thing of concern, as parents are now anxious about the impact of Baby Shark on their kids.

And I understand your frustration because my kids are very big on “Baby Shark,” too.

But with the help of my expertise, I came to understand that Baby Shark is a proven and effective tool for teaching and engaging young minds.

Of course, there are some negatives and potential drawbacks, which we will discuss in a bit.

But overall, if you can find a balance, your kids will greatly benefit from watching Baby Shark.

What Is Baby Shark?

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Baby Shark is a very popular children’s song originated by Pinkfong –a South Korean educational company.

The song is a simple melody with repetitive lyrics that tell the story of a family of sharks –the baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa shark –swimming and playing together in the ocean.

What sets this melody apart is its ability to use infectious lyrics, colorful animation, and playful dance moves that are in sync with the music that gets stuck in your head for days.

The Baby Shark has become a hit among children at home, classrooms, birthday parties, and even sporting events.

It has become a universal appeal that transcends language barriers and cultural differences.

The Educational Value Of Baby Shark And Its Influence On Learning

Let’s look at the bigger picture:

The catchy tune, upbeat tempo, animation, and viral sensation all play a BIG part. But this simple song goes beyond mere entertainment.

Baby Shark has been proven to help stimulate cognitive growth and cultivate children’s language, fine motor, and social-emotional skills.

It promotes social interaction among children as they get to sing along with each other or participate in group dances –thus mimicking what is in front of them.

This creates a sense of unity.

The accompanying hand gestures while following the repetitive lyrics develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, the song also introduces basic concepts like family relationships, counting, and coloring in a fun and memorable way.

You can sing along with your kids, pointing out different vocabulary words and what they actually mean.

Afterward, you can test their retentive memory by asking them a couple of questions about what they have just sung.

For instance, you could ask, “How many sharks are in the family?” or “Who is Baby Shark’s mommy?” This builds their attention, memory, and sequencing skills.

Analyzing The Potential Drawbacks Of Excessive Exposure To Baby Shark

Believe it or not, the Baby Shark is a double-edged sword.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. And the potential drawback arises when kids consume too much of it.

Excessive exposure to this valuable educational tool may come back to bite the kid.

Let’s state the obvious: too much screen time is a distraction.

As the Baby Shark soundtrack kicks, it takes only a few seconds for your kids to get sucked into singing and dancing along. This could make them focus less on other tasks.

Often, the kids get SO engaged they are not aware of their environment or addicted that it may hinder social development –because now it is a screens-vs-real-life situation.

That also limits their learning opportunities to develop a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge.

Aside from that, prolonged exposure leads to boredom and frustration in young kids.

Health-wise, it is linked to several health problems, such as sleep problems, developmental delays, and even obesity –as they could easily become couch potatoes.

I think you would find the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) screen time recommendation helpful.

The AAP suggests children under 18 months should have zero screen time.

18 to 24 months old should have limited, supervised screen time.

However, Kids who are 2 to 5 years old should be given nothing more than one hour of screen time per day.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Is Baby Shark So Addictive To Babies?

Baby Shark is addictive and memorable, like a drug, for several reasons.

First, the song’s combination of catchy, repetitive melody and simple lyrics makes it easy to follow through.

The interactive hand gestures add an extra element of fun activity to it.

Experts had it that the song’s repetitive lyrics and fast tempo stimulate the pleasure center of the brain –flaring dopamine.

As such, this leads to an intense feeling of pleasure –making them crave it even more.

What Other Activities Can Your Kids Do Than Watch Baby Shark?

Help around the house!

Get them to do simple tasks such as dusting, setting the table for dinner, and other basic stuff. This helps cultivate a sense of responsibility.

Playing outdoors is another great option, as this develops their gross motor skills, creativity, and social skills.

Some outdoor play activities you could start with are riding bikes, hide-and-seek with neighboring kids, and playing sports.

If it’s winter season, you can consider doing some fun snow activities with them.

There’s also the option of getting them to fire their inner genius by expressing themselves through art, playing musical instruments, writing stories, and making crafts.

What Are Some Good Alternatives To Baby Shark?

While nothing could TRULY replace this melody in children’s hearts, some fun and catchy songs are reminiscent of Baby Shark and can serve as an alternative.

Here are a few:

  • The Animal Dance: A playful and interactive music to get kids moving along with the dancing animals
  • Dinosaur Stomp: Dinosaur-themed music that roars kids into fun with prehistoric beats
  • Happy Sunshine: An uplifting song for children that spreads positivity through upbeat tunes
  • Under the Sea Adventure: It is a marine-themed song for kids that dive into an oceanic journey
  • Magical Unicorn Parade: A whimsical and enchanting melodies with a touch of sparkle
  • Space Explorers: A cosmic melody that blasts off into a musical adventure beyond the stars
  • Jungle Safari: Embark on a wild musical expedition

Does Baby Shark Teach Children The Facts About Sharks?

Not necessarily!

The sole purpose of Baby Shark is to entertain rather than educate.

The repetitive lyrics and playful dance moves prove my point. Although the video helps highlight that sharks have teeth, fins, and tails and live in the ocean.

However, it does not delve into their characteristics or behaviors.

To truly educate someone about sharks is to provide them with accurate and scientifically-backed information.

Therefore, giving them a comprehensive overview of shark biology or ecology –talking about the different shark species, their habitats, diet, role in the marine ecosystem, and whatnot.

Baby Shark is miles behind this. So you have to brush up your kid’s knowledge on these facts because Baby Shark won’t.

And one of the most effective ways to go about this is supplementing Baby Shark with other resourceful shark documentaries and books.

Or maybe you can take your kids to visit an aquarium or zoo to see sharks up close.


Baby Shark is extremely addictive. So, the catch is to strike a balance. Limit screen time while exposing your kids to other fun educational resources and activities.

And there is no better way to do this than setting strict limits on screen time each day. This helps tame distractions and heightens productivity.

You can also supervise screen time and encourage them to take breaks.

Offer them a variety of other activities like playing outdoors, spending time with neighboring friends and family, or reading novels.

They will have no problems following through since children are pretty adaptable.

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