Best Activities For 2-Year-Olds 

The toddler stage is amazing and a bit difficult as well. We adore our growingly autonomous children’s curiosity, energy, and humor.

But let’s face it; it might be challenging to occupy a toddler long enough to complete any household tasks.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best activities to try out with your 2-year-old, you’ve come to the right place. This post highlights some of the best activities to keep your toddler engaged and happy.  

And even though this list was made with your 2-year-old in mind, younger and older toddlers will also like many items we included.

Best Activities For 2-Year-Olds

baby on a stroller
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Take Them On A Walk In The Stroller

Taking your 2-year-old on a stroller walk is interesting and worth it. Everyone at a point certainly needs a touch of nature and the outdoors.

They can see the flowers, feel the wind, and hear the birds. Some kids need to be restrained in a stroller so they can’t run amok and cause chaos everywhere they go.

They might even agree to sit down if occupied by all the exciting things outdoors. Bring snacks and toys if you want the kids to endure longer on the stroll.

So they don’t become bored and keep moving.

Motor Skills

Engaging your kids with activities such as climbing, kicking, sprinting (short distances), drawing, squatting, and hopping will significantly develop their motor skills.

Play In The Backyard

Read a book in the backyard while your kid plays with toys, digs in the soil, etc. 

If you need to engage them and also have some leisure time to yourself, then just allow them to do their thing.

Although you should keep an eye on them because kids are always curious and might do dangerous things if not well supervised.

Give Them A Bath

Let them play in the water without even washing them. It’s similar to going to the pool, just without the inconvenience of packing sunscreen and bathing suits.

Plus, chilly water and also life vests. Baths are an excellent alternative to bringing a young child to the pool.

Although they don’t always require less supervision, having an indoor water play alternative is convenient.

Chase Them

The “I’m gonna get you” game is a favorite among all kids. You could see how happy and excited they get when they know you’re about to chase them.….lol… Kids are hilarious, but this is an awesome activity to keep them engaged and excited.

Learning Activities For 2-Year-Olds

Learning Activities For 2 Year Olds
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You can also use learning and educational activities like free educational apps to captivate a toddler’s impressionable mind and enthusiastic personality if they don’t sit still, no matter what. 

Let’s take a look at some of these educational activities;

Arranging Colors

Find a similar collection of items, and sort them according to color. Some examples are building blocks, magnets, cars, and whatever else you have in a box. Next, set up a different heap or empty bowl for each color.

Engage Them In Educational Apps

These apps or software programs offer users, usually toddlers or students, a learning experience through the use of interactive elements like games, quizzes, and movies.

The good thing about these apps is that they keep your toddler engaged and also help stimulate their brain in the right direction.

And for the advanced version of these apps, they can teach various topics and courses, including math, physics, and social studies, as well as language instruction.

Investing in educational apps is indeed a wise move.

Count Everything

Play the game of “counting everything.” Offer children toys like building blocks and pom-poms or food like crackers and carrots. Make the most of every chance. Are you climbing the stairs? How many steps did you take etc?

Cut Paper Strips By Size

Use 10 pieces of paper strips that range in length from one to ten inches to play a game of size sorting. You might have a piece that is an inch long, another two inches long, and so on.

When you have all 10 pieces, scatter them on the floor and instruct your kid to arrange them in size order, starting with the smallest (1 inch) and moving up to the largest (10 inches).

Sink Or Float

Take a few toys or household items and try to see which ones float or sink. You can do this while bathing or adding water to a big bowl, water table, or kiddie pool.

Find water-safe objects of varied weights so your youngster can observe various outcomes.

Letters In The Tub

Your children can learn more about letters and numbers while playing with foam alphabet pieces.

I would also demonstrate how to spell simple words correctly or how their names are formed using particular letters.

Trace And Write Letters And Numbers

Another enjoyable approach to introducing your youngster to the alphabet is through worksheets like those in his Letters and Numbers workbook.

Before tracing smaller letters with a pencil or crayon, start with the larger letters and encourage him to “trace” with his fingers.

Chore Activities For 2-Year-Olds

Chore Activities For 2 Year Olds
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You must have observed how animated and eager your child becomes when he observes you performing housework. 

Many could even decide to lend a hand even though they cannot. Children learn responsibility from work, and sharing responsibilities allows you to have help around the house.

Giving them tasks suitable for their age makes them feel more responsible and like they are helping Mom and Dad.

Let’s look at some of the age-appropriate chores for a 2-year-old.

Chores For 2-Year-Olds

  • Store the toys
  • Put food in the pet’s bowl.
  • Put your laundry in the hamper.
  • Clean up spills.
  • Clean up book dust
  • magazines and books in a pile
  • Take a pen off the ground.

Pitfalls To Avoid When Giving Chores To Kids

Don’t Delay: Your youngster may seem too young to you. But you might be surprised by how capable your children are.

Kids may complete a variety of chores at a young age, according to McIntire. Taking clothes to the laundromat or tidying up after supper are two examples.

We wait too long because we believe they should be prepared first. But doing so puts the horse before the cart; they should learn by doing.

Acknowledge Their Support: While the child works on the chore, praise and inspire them. Particularly with young children, you want to create good momentum.

Don’t Demand Excellence: Since nobody is flawless, being less strict about how well your children complete their responsibilities is preferable.

Otherwise, you can be in for a fight, warns McIntire. Or you could step in and complete it for them, which would defeat the purpose.

What To Do Before Giving Out Chores

Be Specific With Instructions: “Clean your room” is a general command that might mean many different things, instead, try saying, “Put your clothes in the closet, books on the shelf, dishes in the kitchen, and toys in the toy box.” Always try to be more direct.

Show Them How The Chore Is Being Done: Initially, walk them through the task step by step. Allow your child to assist you after that.

Then, as you watch, let your youngster complete the task. Your child is prepared to go alone once they have mastered it.

Give deadlines and reminders a break. You want the task to be completed without your interference. Say something like, “When the pets are fed, you may have dinner.

Fun Activities For 2-Year-Olds

Fun Activities For 2 Year Olds
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Play Dress Up

Most young children like dressing up. Dressing up promotes imagination and creativity; when friends are involved, it promotes social growth.

Arranging Colors

With a short and easy game like sorting colors, your child will have so much fun that they won’t even realize how much they’re learning.

Muffin pans, which are commonly owned by parents, are ideal for use in color sorting. All you need is some sorting tools and construction paper. The rainbow bears are fantastic.

Take Up Board Games

When looking for activities for children between the ages of 2-3, board games may not come to mind immediately, yet kids adore them.

You and your child will have fun playing board games if you locate ones that suit your child. They are ideal family pursuits.

Coloring Book

Fancier activities are always necessary for children between two and three. You only need crayons and some top-notch coloring books. Pick up coloring books at the grocery store and watch them make art.

Water Splash In The Tub

Place your child in the bathtub instead of some strenuous activities designed for 2-3-year-olds. Add some bath toys because toddlers and preschoolers enjoy splashing around.

Letter-match Easter Eggs

To help your child learn their uppercase and lowercase letters while having fun with a classic and inexpensive item, use Easter eggs to play a letter-matching game.

Simply write an uppercase or lowercase letter on either side of the egg using a permanent marker. Your child must then locate the corresponding one.

Cleaning Toys

Get some toy trucks and a small tub of water ready. Give your child some dish soap and a sponge. Let him wash them after that.

Despite being such a straightforward concept, young children nevertheless find it entertaining.

Such imaginative play that emphasizes practical life skills is popular with children ages 2-3.

Play With Some Stickers

Give him a book of stickers and some paper. Give kids a suitable place to stick stickers because they enjoy doing so.


Toddlers can learn much through play while improving their talents, self-confidence, and social skills.

So, it’s crucial for kids to be engaged in interactive activities because it also helps them discover their hobbies and environment.

Ultimately, engaging your toddler in messy play, exercise, nature play, pretend play, painting, singing, reading, etc., will help shape their minds and personality.

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