What Is NoseFrida And How To Use It

NoseFrida is a snot-sucking nasal aspirator from FridaBaby, a suction device particularly designed to help parents clear mucus from their infants’ noses.

As a parent, NoseFrida is one of the smartest investments you can bank on because it helps your baby breathe easier in stuffy situations.

Until recently, parents had to actively assist their children in clearing the excess mucus or catarrh obstructing their nostrils. Unfortunately, this may occasionally lead to the spread of bacteria and seem irksome.

But with the invention of NoseFrida and other nasal aspirators, things got easier; hence the NoseFrida is a tiny, portable device inserted into one of your child’s nostrils to assist them in clearing mucus and allowing unobstructed airflow.

Previously, numerous parents have used this device, but it is still unclear whether NoseFrida is safe for babies. Furthermore, some parents during the pandemic mentioned that they became sick after using NoseFrida on their babies.

So, is NoseFrida safe for babies? Is it capable of making a parent sick after they use it on their babies? Will it negatively impact the child’s breathing in the long run?

These are some of the questions we’ll answer in this guide while also telling you what you need to know about NoseFrida.

About The NoseFrida

What Is NoseFrida
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The NoseFrida was created by Chelsea Hirschhorn, a Swedish pediatric otolaryngologist that understands the challenges of parenting.

She has now dedicated her time to assisting parents in America in giving their stuffed-up babies safe, effective, and hygienic snot relief.

This item is a nasal aspirator your child’s doctor recommends for clearing their noses of mucus.

Nosefrida is superior to other bulb aspirators on the market since you never put anything into the nose and have control over the amount of suction you use. 

The delicate nose lining is not irritated by it. Polypropylene, which is latex-free and non-allergic, is used to make Nosefrida. The blue hygiene filters are constructed of polyurethane, which absorbs moisture.

Undoubtedly, the product can be a little scary. A blue tube with a lengthy mouthpiece that lies directly at the baby’s base of the nose is home to a mesh filter.

Additionally, as you inhale through the red mouthpiece, the baby’s snot is gently drawn from its nose and into the blue tube, where the gentle force of your air collects it.

In essence, it’s a long tube that enables you to use your mouth to suck boogers and snot out of your baby’s nose.

Four primary sections make up NoseFrida:

1. A cartridge that is placed near your infant’s nose.

2. The cartridge’s filter

3. A lengthy tube of plastic

3. A mouthpiece.

Setting Up Your NoseFrida – Step By Step

  • Incorporate a fresh filter into the snot straw’s tip. The filters are made to be used only once. 
  • Connect the mouthpiece to the nose hose and the nose hose to the snot straw. You’ll hear the snot straw snap into place once it’s correctly placed. 

Reasons Why You Should Use A NoseFrida

  • Disposable filters have been clinically shown to prevent the spread of bacteria or mucus to the snot sucker when used to blow noses; they should be replaced after each usage. With Nosefrida, parents can safely and discretely clean mucus from their children’s noses without worrying about bacterial contamination.
  • NoseFrida is a comfortable and non-intrusive snot sucker that forms a seal with the baby’s nostril on the outside. No parent enjoys hearing their child scream or feel pain, and with nose Frida, your infants are guaranteed a comfortable and non-invasive procedure. Your baby is your top priority. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: For simple cleaning, the red mouthpiece, blue nasal tube, and blue filter cap are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Safe for all ages; recommended by pediatricians; free of BPA and phthalates

How To Use A NoseFrida

What Is NoseFrida
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A seal is made by positioning the big tube at the baby’s nose’s base. Then, a parent or other caregiver provides gentle suction through the mouthpiece, which literally suctions the baby’s nasal discharge. 

You must suck on the other end of that blue tube while holding it up to your child’s little nostril to remove the snot. You won’t, however, swallow a drop of mucous, I guarantee you. 

The tube’s disposable filter prevents snot and other nasty materials from reaching you. It is only a mental challenge because the process’s most repulsive aspect is the sound it creates. 

You don’t need to be concerned about harming your child. Even though you will probably hear some cries or screams, it is not because you exert too much pressure.

Continue with the second nostril.

Ways You Can Use The NoseFrida Correctly

Put your infant in the appropriate position. Then, place your infant safely by laying them down on their back.

A second person can hold the infant upright in their lap with their back to the suctioning parent and their hands wrapped around the infant’s arms and body while maintaining firm control of the forehead.

Accidental harm to the child or parent can be avoided if the infant is safely restrained in one place.

Apply nasal saline. Put a few nasal saline drops in the child’s nose. The nasal saline can reduce these irritated nasal passageways and thick, dry mucus. Allow saline to enter the infant’s nasal passages for a few seconds.

Put the gadget in. Place the device’s nasal tip at the nose’s entrance. It only needs to form a seal with the baby’s nose hole; otherwise, it won’t work.

When you apply suction, the resulting vacuum will draw the mucus outwards. Put the suction tip of the device in your mouth and start sucking. 

Tidy up once you have finished sucking out the snot. Then, it’s time to clean up. The huge nasal tube should be washed in hot water, and the sanitary filter should be disposed of.

Additionally, disinfect the device by cleaning the thin suctioning tube by pouring a few drops of rubbing alcohol into one end so that it goes through it. 

Limit your use. Avoid using this gadget excessively, as doing so may result in some nasal swelling.

Pros And Cons Of Using A NoseFrida

What Is NoseFrida
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  • It works perfectly. Most parents who have used NoseFrida have been extremely pleased with the outcomes. When it comes to cleansing your baby’s nose, this aspirator does the job.
  • It’s affordable. Electric aspirators can be pretty expensive, unlike NoseFrida. However, NoseFrida is affordable and can be used for years with just the purchase of replacement filters.
  • It’s simple to use once you know how. The NoseFrida aspirator is simple, which is a bonus. Your mouth goes on the red nozzle, and the filter-containing portion enters the baby’s nose.
  • Batteries are not necessary. The NoseFrida aspirator, similar to a bulb syringe, does not require batteries to operate. That means you never have to worry about having extra batteries because you can always pack them in your diaper bag.
  • Simple to clean. Replace your filters regularly and run hot, soapy water through the cartridge. All it takes is that.


  • To use the NoseFrida, you must overcome the fact that your child’s boogies and your mouth will temporarily share the same tube. It may not be for you if you can’t get past this. Anything that comes out of a baby (aside from babbles and giggles) is usually pretty gross. Boogers are no exception.
  • Germs are still up for debate. Some parents claim they become sick with the same thing despite the manufacturer’s assurances that the filter in the NoseFrida aspirator prevents germs from being sucked into your mouth.

    It won’t matter either way, though. It’s tough to say whether you already had the germs before using NoseFrida because you spend so much time with your infant.
  • Some buyers received counterfeit goods. If you buy this product online, use caution. A few returning customers purchased a new NoseFrida from Amazon only to discover that it needed to be of better quality than the one they had previously purchased.

Which Is Better, NoseFrida Or Electric Aspirators?

An electric aspirator is a device that uses electric suction to clear your baby’s nasal passages. Non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries can power them occasionally, even by USB charging.

They typically contain a reservoir that collects all the boogies removed from your child’s nose, just like the NoseFrida.

Suction levels on electric nose aspirators can be changed. In addition, the suction can be adjusted using the “+” or “-” buttons. While performing this challenging task, some feature music or lights intended to calm your infant.

Unfortunately, some infants don’t like this since they interpret it as a signal that some nose-sucking is about to occur.

Electric aspirators cost a little more since they use significantly more sophisticated technology.

The more expensive ones cost about $150, while the less expensive ones are still within reach at roughly $20. For about $45, NoseFrida also offers an electric version.

People who don’t like sucking snot out of their baby’s nose may prefer these aspirators. But, like the NoseFrida, most of them are just as simple to clean. 

Pros And Cons Of Electric Aspirators


  • They perform the sucking. Some parents may prefer these over NoseFridas because they do their sucking, whereas NoseFridas can require some significant lung power. Pushing a button is all that’s needed to use an electric aspirator.
  • They are really simple to utilize. The best electric aspirators have few parts and are generally relatively failsafe. These components are easy to disassemble and clean as well.
  • Affordable choices are available. Although electric aspirators have a wide price range, the lower-end models start at roughly $20.
  • The features are enjoyable. To engage (and distract) your infant, manufacturers can include enjoyable features like music, calming sounds, or lighting.


  • To use them, you must have power. These are less portable and convenient than a NoseFrida because you’ll eventually need to plug them into electricity or keep buying batteries for them.
  • Compared to NoseFrida, they are more pricey. For example, NoseFrida costs at least twice as much as an electric aspirator, which may also be less efficient.
  • There is less suction than usual. NoseFrida is successful. The suction power of a human being outshines that of electric aspirators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is NoseFrida
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Is NoseFrida Safe For Babies?

NoseFrida is generally considered safe for babies, provided they are used according to the manufacturer’s directives. All you have to do is ensure they are always kept clean so that germs won’t come in contact with your baby’s nose through the NoseFrida.

Also, it’s best to contact your doctor in cases with severe congestion in your baby’s nose instead of forcing the situation or trying to improvise. That will be a safer approach for both you and the baby.

Is NoseFrida Capable Of Making A Parent Sick After Using It On Their Babies?

If the NoseFrida is not properly cleaned, it is possible for a parent to fall sick after using it on the baby. As you already know, NoseFrida works by creating suction to draw mucus from the baby’s nose into the collection chamber.

So, if the device is not properly cleaned after each usage, bacteria can grow inside the chamber and potentially affect the next user. So, to prevent the possibility of falling sick, parents must ensure the device is thoroughly cleaned after each use.

And it’s a good thing the NoseFrida comes with specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. So, follow the instructions and clean the NoseFrida after each use.

Lastly, it is recommended that only one person use the NoseFrida on a particular baby. The reason for this is to avoid cross-contamination. That said, if multiple people need to use the device, each person should have their own separate NoseFrida.

Can NoseFrida Negatively Affect Your Child’s Breathing In The Long Run?

It is unlikely for NoseFrida to negatively affect your child’s breathing in the long run, provided that the device is always kept clean and used according to the manufacturer’s directives.

So, it’s essential to use NoseFrida only when necessary. Also, ensure you don’t overuse the device, as excess suctioning can potentially irritate your baby’s nasal passages. So, use the device moderately.


NoseFrida is a smart, effective, and hygienic way of clearing your baby’s stuffy nose without causing any form of pain or discomfort to your baby, whether immediately or eventually. It’s safe for your baby.

The NoseFrida has been widely adopted by parents and healthcare professionals in the United States and beyond, and such successful adoption can be attributed to its effectiveness and innovative design.

Other qualities that make it a successful product include its ease of use, portability, simplicity of design, and affordability. Costing just about $15 to $25, any parent could get one on Amazon.

Lastly, just like every other baby product and medical device, it’s important you follow the manufacturer’s advice before using the NoseFrida.

This will significantly reduce any chances of unexpected complications, and your baby will be breathing just fine in no time.

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