Is It Right To Force My Child Into a Baby Roller Coaster For The First Time?

The thrilling experience that comes with riding a baby roller coaster can be daunting, too daunting for some babies.

This explains why some children don’t want to be a part of it; they’d rather be on the sidelines with their ice cream and watch other kids do it.

Gravity does much work in a roller coaster’s acceleration and deceleration movement.

According to Neuroscientists, riding a roller coaster can be a sensory-seeking behavior. Endorphins and oxytocin are released in this action (riding a roller coaster), and everyone enjoys this.

Giving a big hug and going out on the run provides a similar feeling to riding a roller coaster. But what makes it different is the feeling of fear and risk associated with it.

Children who love riding the roller coaster also crave risk and fear; this is not generally shared.

There should be height requirements for each ride. Some kids can start riding at 4, but the kind of roller coasters they ride differ from the ones the older kids ride.

Advantages Of Riding A Roller Coaster

Baby roller coaster offers a range of advantages. These advantages involve both the physical and psychological aspects of a baby.

First off, children will be able to conquer their fears. FEAR is an emotion that follows everyone right from the moment they step into this world. And the problem with this particular emotion (FEAR) is that it functions as a limitation by default.

This limitation makes you less decisive in critical situations, thereby making you unable to take charge of your life, killing your self-esteem, potential, and dreams if it goes on long enough.

The only people who have managed to beat FEAR at its own game are those who have successfully reconfigured the control FEAR has on them. And such people could do that because they are risk takers, nothing more, nothing less.

You can help your kids kill FEAR by exposing them to risky experiences and games. Of course, you don’t have to force them into it. For starters, you can allow them to watch while other kids ride on the baby roller coaster.

This second-hand experience will give them the thrill and motivation to dare to try such experiences because kids can be pretty competitive, receptive, and adaptive. So they’d say to themselves, if another kid can ride on a roller coaster, they can too.

So, when a kid starts getting exposed to experiences like riding a roller coaster, they become more daring, standing up for themselves and learning to take what’s theirs. This will help them in the practical aspect of life.

Babies also derive so much fun from this, which also serves as another means of experiencing a natural high.

It gives a thrilling feeling like the rush of wind through your hair, the excitement, fear, and the blood pumping through your veins.

Age Requirement For Children To Ride A Baby Roller Coaster

The recommended age provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is one year old. This is because, by 12 months old, the babies must have developed the neck strength required to support the head and to keep it from bobbing when riding a roller coaster.

Parents should know their kids’ heights and other requirements the older the kids become. Then, if the child meets the requirements, the parents should decide on the right thing for their family.

When kids get older and are ready to move from a baby roller coaster, they can move to slightly larger and faster roller coasters.

Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Child On a Roller Coaster

Despite the feeling of pure joy experienced by most children, forcing your baby into a baby roller coaster is not advisable.

And the reasons include the following:

Low self-esteem 

Due to parents’ intense persuasion, a child tends not to have a say. As much as parents are more advanced and knowledgeable, they should learn to respect their child’s decision in some cases, especially if the situation tends to affect the psychological of the baby, whether immediately or eventually.

It’s their first time; you should be VERY patient with them. Encouragement works best at this point.

Children should be encouraged to build their confidence and learn to say no when a situation arises. This can be achieved by respecting their needs and first-time choices.

Comparing Your Child To Other Children 

Statements like; 

“That kid is braver than you,” or “your brother wasn’t afraid even at his young age.” Such statements make your child feel less than their peers. Sibling rivalry tends to arise when one child is seen to be better than the other.

It would be better for your kids to be each other’s support base rather than opposing each other.

It’s Not A Fun Activity 

When it concerns your child, what they derive joy from should be of utmost importance. If you are planning a vacation for the family, it should be something the family loves and can create bonds between family members.

Some activities considered fun for other children may be an antithesis to your child. However, other activities can be fun for your child other than compelling them to ride a roller coaster. Feel free to expose them to different daring experiences out there.

You Can’t Tell What They Are Feeling 

You experience an exhilarating adrenaline rush when you ride the roller coaster. But your child may find it sickening.

Everybody has a different perspective of the world. Different people see the world in different ways. It wouldn’t be nice to force your child to love what they don’t or what scares the hell out of them.

This might trigger a panic attack, and such an attack can be dangerous for babies.

It Will Cause Discomfort To Other Guests

Other families came to the amusement park for fun and relaxation, just like yours did. However, by forcing your child on a roller coaster, the atmosphere of the environment will be filled with another family’s disagreements.

It’s normal for children to cry on different occasions; parents understand this. It’s left alone for them to roll with the punches.

But if a parent is the cause of a child’s tantrums, that’s unfair to the child and disrespectful to others.

Effects Of Making A Child Ride A Roller Coaster

Riding a roller coaster can be a lot of fun for kids who enjoy it, but it can cause pain in the muscles, neck, and ligaments and trauma to bones and other soft tissues.

Injuries can occur when riding a roller coaster. This can result from not paying attention or if the child is too young to ride a roller coaster.

Due to the unpredictable movement of a roller coaster, the ear and eye send mismatched messages to the brain.

This can be a feeling of excitement to kids, but sometimes, it may not turn out fine.

People Who Shouldn’t Ride A Roller Coaster 

Roller Coaster gives an adrenaline rush that causes a heart rate and blood pressure spike.

This means people with high blood pressure shouldn’t ride the roller coaster.

Also, pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed to ride on a roller coaster. This is because roller coaster rides entail jerky turns, sudden drops, and force on the body, which may increase the risk of placental abruption and can be life-threatening to the baby.

Psychological Effects Of Forcing Your Child On A Roller Coaster

Some kids go through specific trauma due to fear or anxiety, which may be caused by forcing them on a roller coaster.

Although our brains are hardwired to control fear, many people suffer from the fear of roller coasters. This can also be considered a phobia of roller coasters.

Fear of roller coasters is usually based on several fears. And a lot of things can be said to trigger roller coaster phobia.


This can be said to be a fear of heights. However, this phobia is so severe that it may vary in the range in which it occurs. For example, it may be the fear of a certain height or even climbing a stepladder.

Vertigo is a medical condition that can cause spinning or dizziness at any height. Children with a phobia for heights find roller coasters challenging due to how tall they are with unpredictable long drops.


Children with a fear of closed or tight places are claustrophobic. 

The roller coaster seats are small and tight, with limited movement space. This can be essential for safety but can initiate claustrophobia. 

In some scenarios, the intense fear of roller coasters isn’t necessarily a phobia. Instead, this may be a result of the child’s medical history. That is why standard health restrictions must be adhered to in all roller coasters, even for children.

People with health conditions like neck or back disorders, high blood pressure, heart condition, or motion sickness who have recently undergone surgery.

How Your Child Can Overcome Fear Of Riding A Roller Coaster

It would be best if you didn’t force your child to ride on a roller coaster to avoid psychological trauma.

With encouragement and behavior modeling, the child may overcome fear. Express your feelings to them as well. Always hug them and tell them how proud you are of them.

Be a support system for your child. Reinforce and comfort your child after the ride. And they don’t have to ride again if the fear is still there. After all, there are other games and experience your child can join.

The fear of losing control or speed might be the reason some kids are afraid. So teach your kids to say no to things they are uncomfortable with.

Encourage your kids to get out of their comfort zone with time and patience. Explain to them that being nervous is normal. Also, make them interact with other kids so they can express themselves freely.

Endeavor to show your kids all the fun attractions, including the thrill rides. Allow them to choose for themselves, which is preferable for a fun activity.

Why Some Kids May Love Roller Coaster Rides 

The euphoric feeling of relief occurs when the ride ends. Though there might be some initial anxiety, the body will relax after the ride.

According to a Neuropsychology study, ” the rate of anxiety is increased before the ride and reduced after the ride.” “Discomfort and fear won’t kill you” Parents tend to teach their kids this in peculiar ways.

Once children overcome their fears, the urge to go on multiple rides will be unending.

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