Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday?

Most parents or caregiver often wants to know if their baby should be allowed to have some cake on their first birthday. 

Let’s begin by saying a BIG CONGRATULATION! to anyone whose child just turned one year old because it is a big step and accomplishment for you and the baby, and it is worthy of a celebration.

So, when should your baby be allowed to have some cake?

It is well stated in some dietary guidelines that babies shouldn’t be allowed to take any food, liquid or solid, that contains processed or added sugars until they’ve reached a minimum age of 2 years.

Therefore, giving your 1-year-old baby some cake for their first birthday is not advisable.

Based on studies, we have given you the recommendation for newborns and young children. But, like every parenting idea, individuals and society have different opinions and techniques.

So, we’ll explain how you can care for your child better and what sugar can do to your child if they are below two years.

Moreover, we will also discuss smash cakes and other issues involving infants and the best time for them to have some cake.

What Are Smash Cakes?

Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday
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Smash cakes are cakes that are made for your baby to enjoy on the day he turns one year old. Unfortunately, as we all know, when children are a year old, they don’t know how to do things properly (they don’t know table manners).

This is why when you put the cake in front of him, he will likely use his fingers or even “smash” his face into the cake. When this happens, the parents, caregivers, or photographers will try to capture the moment on camera for them to post on social media.

Smash cakes are not only adorable and funny, but they also make the perfect ending for a 1st birthday.

Don’t worry about your baby smashing the cake. Smash cakes are made small, specifically for your baby celebrating his birthday. So there will still be enough cake for your guests since a bigger cake will be kept for them. Once your baby is done having fun with the smash cake, you can slice the other cake for your guests.

If you feel that cleaning up after the baby is done making a mess will be a problem, you can use one of these methods to control the mess:

  • You can put a splat mat, cloth, or towel under the high chair
  • You can also put your baby in a full-coverage bib that resembles an art smock. Luckily the bibs come in different cute patterns and colors.
  • You can also take off his clothes, leaving just the diapers on. However, this one isn’t totally photogenic.

However, if you feel that isn’t enough, you can make time or a different day to take a picture of your baby playing with the smash cake. You can do this yourself or get a professional photographer to set the perfect background for the shot.

There are a few ways to go about it to capture the spectacular moment while your baby has fun with his first cake.

What Is The Size Of A Smash Cake?

Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday
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The smash cake is made small just for the baby. It is made small to fit on the high chair and for the baby to reach it easily. If the smash cake comes rounded, it will have about 4 inches in diameter. But if it is square, it will be about 6 inches.

However, the cake made for the guests(the main cake) is quite bigger, depending on the number of guests you have or will have at the event.

There is no chance the infant will consume so many servings, even though most smash cakes have roughly eight pieces. It isn’t a huge, sweet treat for your baby to eat all at once. This is because the cake is made for the baby to play with while you take pictures of him.

Smash Cake Idea

Every first birthday is a big deal to the parents and the baby, so there is always immense pressure to make every aspect of it perfect, especially the smash cake. A party theme can help ensure everything, from the decorations to the cake, fits together wonderfully.

Can Your Baby Have Some Cake When He Is 6 Months Old?

The cake is not the best meal for your baby when he is 6 months old. At 6 months, your baby should start eating solid meals; the cake isn’t typically a substantial meal.

This is primarily due to the cake’s high sugar content. But cake also includes many ingredients and contains several allergens, all of which should be introduced to your baby gradually and not given to him at once.

Can Your Baby Be Allowed To Have Some Cake When He Is 9 Months Old?

If you can’t wait for your baby to get to 2 years before giving him some cake, it is better to give him some at nine months rather than 6.

However, giving your baby sugar when he is 9 months is still not advisable because sugar consumption can skew a baby’s developing habits and taste preferences.

Would your baby be harmed if she consumes a small amount of cake? The answer is No. However, the long-term consequences of sugar will be more detrimental the earlier it is introduced.

Can My Baby Have Some Cake On His First Birthday?

Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday
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The fact that every child’s first birthday is big makes it necessary to celebrate it wonderfully. So over the years, people have marked this birthday with smash cakes beautifully and even going further to capture the moment on camera.

If you plan on getting a smash cake for your baby’s first birthday and are unsure of the type to get, the best choice is to go with what feels right. However, just like we stated before, giving cakes to babies below two years old is not advisable.

But this advice is against giving your child sugar frequently. So, giving them a small piece of cake to spice up their first birthday won’t hurt them or make them sugar addicts.

Everyone deserves a treat occasionally, which will help spice up the event.

There are many strategies to try if consuming less sugar is truly important to you, including whipped icing. Because of this, the cake will be slightly lighter and less sweet for your child.

Cakes can also be sweetened in other ways besides just adding extra sugar. For example, consider applesauce, bananas, etc. (see below).

Planning a birthday celebration on top of having a baby is enough stress. So don’t let the cake determine your success or failure! It is not a must that your baby will have a smash cake but give him a smash cake if you want to.

Cake Ideas For The First Birthday

Pink Cake Smash

Make a light pink buttercream for a strawberry cake and decorate the side with dollops of various pink icing colors. Then, swirl everything together for a beautiful ombre look as you level it out.

Cake With Mickey Mouse On It

This is a fantastic cake for a boy’s first birthday—a black top with two sizable yellow buttons in front and a red foundation underneath. Add fondant Mickey Mouse ears on top.

Cookie Monster Smashes Cake.

A blue cake with broken Chips Ahoy biscuits all over it and big fondant googly eyes on top.

Unicorn Smash Cake

Make a cake with white layers and a unicorn face and horn (you can purchase a simple kit for this on Amazon). Then, pipe swirly rainbow hair for the horse mane.

Minnie Mouse Smash Cake

A cake can have a black base and pink with white polka dot top and center, with black fondant round ears on top.

Healthier Ingredients You Can Consider

Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday
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If you are worried about your child eating processed or white sugar, various cakes don’t necessarily require white sugar to make them.

Examples are; maple syrup, honey, banana, and applesauce. Even though there is still sugar in them, they are still much healthier than the granulated varieties.

Giving your child cakes with artificial colors or dyes in their frosting isn’t healthy. According to research, some children who consumed cakes that contained shades or artificial colors ended up having dyes on their faces because there were allergic to them. And as parents or caregivers, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In conclusion, let the child eat cake on his birthday. When it comes to making wise eating decisions in the future, allowing him to have cake on his first birthday won’t be the deciding factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Baby Have Some Cake When He Is Just 1 Year Old?

Yes. Cake is ideal for a one-year-old child to enjoy on their special day. Purchase or prepare a cake using whipped cream frosting to reduce the sugar content of the cake. However, it will be less sweet and lighter.

What Can Your Baby Consume On His First Birthday?

Here are finger foods for a baby’s first birthday party

Cheese: cubed cheese, string cheese, etc.

Fresh fruit: watermelon wedges, cantaloupe pieces, apple slices, halved grapes, berries, etc.

Crustless Tea Sandwiches: The fillings include ham and cheese, tuna, egg, mashed avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, etc.

What Cake Would Be Ideal For A Cake Smash?

A vanilla sponge cake: Vanilla sponge cakes are the best desserts to smash. Unfortunately, they are easily broken apart by small hands because they are soft and crumbly.

What Should You Serve On Your Baby’s First Birthday?

Fresh fruit (cut into bite-sized pieces), lightly steamed vegetables with dips (like bean dip or hummus), crustless sandwiches, cheese cubes, sweet or savory mini muffins (you can make this using a pie maker), mini pizzas, mini hot dogs, mini doughnuts, pikelets, mini yogurts have all been proven to be the best finger foods for children.

At What Age Should Babies Be Allowed To Have Cake?

New U.S. dietary recommendations advise against allowing young children to consume cake or candy before age two.

At What Age Should Babies Be Allowed To Have Chocolate?

The AAP advises against giving children below two years to consume foods with added sugar or caffeine, both in chocolate.

What Sort Of Cake Can A One-Year-Old Consume?

Smash cakes are the best cakes for his first birthday. If you’re unfamiliar with a smash cake, it is a small cake your child should eat on her first birthday.

Since one-year-olds are essentially lawless, she will probably dig in with her fingers or “smash” it with her face as soon as it is put in front of her.


Can My Baby Eat Cake On First Birthday
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We’ve been able to help you understand that it is safe for your baby to have some cake (unhealthy or healthy) on his first birthday. At one year old, your baby should have mobility and an understanding of feeding themselves with their hands. 

When your baby is six months old, you should start giving him solid food. You shouldn’t be worried because your baby isn’t going to finish the whole cake. It is not a large, sweet treat that your infant can consume simultaneously. Most of the cake will be smashed by the baby anyways. This is because the cake is made for the baby to play with while you take pictures of him. 

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