Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies?

Firstly, sensory videos are designed to stimulate a baby’s senses with bright colors, lights, and movements. It can be entertaining for babies. However, it is important to consider that screen time for babies under 18 months should be limited.

During this age, engaging in interactive play, such as tummy time, crawling, and playing with toys, is more beneficial for their development. Sensory videos can be a short-term distraction for parents but should not replace the baby’s hands-on play and exploration time.

In other words, it is safe for your child to watch baby sensory videos, which can improve their Eye coordination, Visual & auditory Stimulation, and movement, especially if they choose to dance to the Song. 

However, to avoid overstimulating your child, it’s advisable to watch these sensory videos in moderation, particularly those that have energetic infant sensory music. 

As a result, it’s ideal for mixing up your child’s sensory activities, both in front & away from their television screen. 

For example, other typical baby sensory exercises that parents prefer to include are belly time, listening to music, and interacting with various textures.

Why Do Babies Watch Sensory Videos? 

Babies may view sensory videos for a variety of reasons. For example, they could be an excellent approach to promoting eye coordination and visual stimulation. 

Additionally, babies can learn about various colors, textures, and forms by watching sensory videos. Besides, watching sensory films can be a tranquil and comforting exercise for babies.

What Devices Support Hey Bear Sensory? 

Kidoodle offers the children’s series Hey Bear Sensory – Playtime for streaming. 

Safe streaming on TV. 

The series, which emphasizes sensory play, is made to assist kids in discovering and using their senses. 

How Much Time Can A Baby Spend Watching Sensory Videos? 

Parents should be conscious of the risks associated with exposing their children to excessive screen time and refrain from using sensory films as a babysitting technique. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children under age two are advised to avoid screen time, including that on television, pcs, tablets, & phones.

The AAP suggests limiting daily screen time for kids aged 2 and 4 to 1 hour. 

When Ought I Cease Watching Tv In Front Of My Child? 

It is dependent upon the particular child and household circumstances.

However, most experts concur that it’s better to restrict young children’s screen time and avoid using screens in bedrooms. 

Additionally, it’s critical to pick programming of the highest caliber and age-appropriateness for your child. 

Why Are Babies Attracted To Hey Bear Sensory? 

Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies
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“Hey Bear” Sensory may appeal to infants for several reasons.

First, they find the vivid hues and patterns fascinating and energizing.

Secondly, the relaxing and tranquil nature of the repetitive music can aid in lulling people to sleep.

Thirdly, because the films are succinct and engaging, viewers won’t grow impatient or bored while keeping an eye on them. 

Is The TV Too Stimulating For Babies? 

Babies overstimulated by television may grow fussy and have trouble falling asleep. In addition, the constantly shifting pictures and noises might be overwhelming for their developing brains. 

Later in age, watching too much television might potentially cause concentration issues. Therefore, baby and young child screen time should be kept to a minimum, and parents should select suitable material for their age group. 

An added tip is that babies shouldn’t watch screens with high brightness and contrast. Ensure you reduce the brightness and contrast of your TV, phone, pads, etc., before allowing your baby to watch it. This will prevent any form of optical problems, even later in life.

Recommended Sensory Videos For Your Baby

Rainbow Clouds From Hey Bear Sensory 

Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies
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The Rainbow Clouds sensory movie by Hey Bear Sensory is the ideal video to captivate your child because it has an energetic melody and rhythm that they can move to.

The vibrant, high-contrast animated videos play at a decent rate in time with the rhythm to keep your baby engaged and stimulated through the video. This makes them excellent for an entertaining play session throughout the day. 

Baby Sensory At CheriEbooks 

Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies
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The soothing, classical music in the baby sensory movie by CheriEBooks is ideal for relaxing your baby at the end of the day as they view the variety of high-contrast images in weather & number symbols form. 

This video is an excellent sensory clip for babies since the various clashing colors, shapes, and patterns will have your baby interested throughout.

Sky Celebration: Baby Woof Sensory

Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies
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Another fantastic option for fun during the daytime is this entertaining infant sensory video from Baby Woof Sensory. Because of the high visual stimulation from the vibrant, colorful animations, it is best to watch this video in moderation.

However, it will keep your child happy as they watch the screen’s various hues and shapes develop. In addition, as they begin to follow images across the TV screen, your child’s eyesight & eye coordination will improve thanks to this sensory film/video. 

Smoothie Mix By Hey Bear Sensory 

Are Sensory Videos Good For Babies
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This upbeat baby sensory video from Hey Bear Sensory is another great one to watch. It’s perfect for older kids or your small child to dance to. 

This engaging movie will indeed move your child according to the Song as it introduces numerous different fruits using a more original tune. 

Baby Sensory Animation For Calming By Enchanted Media 

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The fourth sensory video emphasizes how babies’ eye coordination develops. As your baby grows, these are excellent visual components to support the development of their eyes because their eyes must cautiously follow each way. 

They have moving trends that appear, change color, and vanish. This video’s soothing classical music could also be utilized to soothe wailing infants and put them to sleep.

Baby Sensory Toys 

There are several ways to develop your baby’s brain, including using a variety of specially-made sensory baby toys if you want to limit your child’s screen time or would like to keep your child away from a screen entirely. 

Here are some of our top picks for infant sensory toys that can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart, or Direct4Baby

Sensory Bunny Moonie 

Your child will love cuddling close to the Moonie Bunny, the ideal baby sensory toy. It will be the perfect friend for your baby as they develop, whether it sleeps with them at night or goes to the nursery with them. 

Additionally, because of its sensory granule-filled stomach, which is ideal for hugging and squeezing, it will aid in developing your baby’s sense of touch and feel. 

This sensory baby toy is a cuddly-soft comforter appropriate for newborns that comply with safety standards and is made with certified organic materials. It will probably be a great inclusion to their toy box. 

3-In-1 Activity Center, Bouncer, And Play Table In My Lovely World 

Through stimulating your baby’s growth, this fun 3-in-1 activity center, bouncer, and play table are intended to promote learning and play. 

This baby sensory toy is appropriate for infants as young as six months old and kids as old as four. It is made to develop with your child as their senses grow.

Cosmic Grey MyChild Space Shuttle 2-in-1 Walker

This space-themed baby walker is packed with engaging space activities that will support your child’s growth and are designed for older babies roughly six months to 2 years old. 

The interactive features of the MyChild Space Shuttle Walker are guaranteed to keep your baby entertained and include a light-up control panel that plays fun music, a squeaky astronaut partner, a countdown spinner, and more. 

It doesn’t fly, but it has a soft, padded seat to relax your baby. It collapses for easy storage and transportation when it’s not in use. 


When Can Infants Start Seeing Sensory Videos? 

When a child is at least eighteen months old, they should start watching sensory videos. 

My 4-Month-Old Can Watch Cocomelon, Right? 

No, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages young children under eighteen months old from using screens. 

Can A 3-Month-Old Child Watch Television? 

A 3-month-old cannot watch TV or any screen except for video chatting with grandparents or other family members.

Instead, spend extra time with your baby reading, playing, and engaging in physical activity to promote brain, language, & social development.

Are Baby Sensory Videos Beneficial? 

Yes, babies benefit from watching sensory videos. They encourage the baby’s visual and aural senses and enhance eye movement and coordination. 

Can A Baby View Videos With Sensory Content? 

Baby sensory videos can help to improve visual and auditory stimulation, eye coordination, and movement in your child and are entirely safe to watch with them. This is especially true if your baby moves to the music and dance. 

Are There Any Sensory Stimulation Limits For Infants? 

When there is too much noise or activity around them, babies and young children can get overstimulated, and babies and kids who are overstimulated may cry or become irritable. 

Tantrums may occur in toddlers. Reduce activity and noise to help children cope with overstimulation, or arrange a calm activity.

What Happens When Sensory Stimulation Is Overdone? 

Overstimulated individuals may suffer from severe mental distress or even physical stress. In addition, extreme irritation, anxiety, or fear may be present. 

Some people may scream or have tantrums to express how uncomfortable they are. They might also act aggressively.

Is Watching TV With My Two-Month-Old Okay? 

Pediatricians typically advise against allowing screen time for babies under 18 months. But, even after that, parents should always supervise their children when they watch TV to prevent them from getting too much screen time.

Can A Baby Be In A Room With A TV On? 

Except for video chatting, infants under 18 months should not watch television. Instead, spend more time with your baby playing, reading, and engaging in physical activity to promote brain, language, & social development.


Finally, it is okay for your baby to watch baby sensory videos, which can improve their eye coordination, visual & auditory stimulation, and movement, especially if they choose to dance to the Song. 

Using special play toys can also help develop your child’s brain and limit screen time.

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