30 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas In 2023

One of the most common ways for families, friends, or other loved ones to gather and share their happiness over a pregnancy is through baby showers. And if you’re planning to attend one and don’t know any of the best baby shower gifts to buy, then this article is for you!

During baby showers, family and friends of the expectant mother will come together to spend time with the expectant mother and “shower” her with gifts, affection, and well wishes.

All of this is to support her emotionally and otherwise, so it’s only smart to understand that baby shower gifts are targeted to help the mother reduce the burden of pregnancy. So, if you want to purchase a baby shower gift, it should be something that will contribute to the baby’s welfare.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of the best 30 baby shower gift items for you to give new parents and put a smile on their faces because we know that sometimes picking the perfect gift for the soon-to-be parents can be challenging.

However, before choosing what to buy, there are essential factors you need to consider, and that’s what we’ll discuss in the next section.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying A Baby Shower Gift

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1. Practicality 

The goal of the gift is to help relieve the new parents from the burden of purchasing certain things, so when shopping, remember that you need to get them valuable presents rather than something that has no practical uses or will be difficult to understand.

For example, you may come across lots of adorable little things when buying baby shower presents, but you still need to shop for items that have practical uses.

2. Childs Safety

Child safety is the biggest concern in whatever gift you intend to buy because I don’t think you want to be the reason a child’s safety is threatened. That said, ensure you only go for gifts that are suitable for newborns (age-appropriate). In addition, ensure that the gifts meet all safety regulations of authorized bodies like the American Academy Of Pediatrics.

3. Age

As I mentioned initially, whatever items purchased must be age-appropriate to ensure the baby’s safety because getting them an item way above the child’s age of usage is useless. And it might cause serious harm if a child uses an item above his age.

Although, in some cases, such items (depending on some factors) can be kept until the child comes of age to be able to use them, and that’s okay, provided it’s a great, durable gift.

So, it’s crucial to consider the newborn’s age–you are not buying gifts for toddlers; instead, choose the appropriate sizes and age-appropriate goods.

4. Durability

Durable products are the best because they last longer and save costs in the long run, which is an essential factor you must consider when buying a baby shower gift.

So, don’t purchase a low-quality item that’ll only last after a few weeks of usage; instead, buy from reputable brands–you don’t have to break the bank for it, and there are reputable brands out there that are affordable and durable.

5. Personalized Presents

Personalized gifts are unique; they show the parents how much you value them and demonstrate concern. This includes customized baby clothing with the child’s name embroidered or almost anything made only for that child.

6. Work With The List

You may ask the parents if they already have a register of stuff so you can be sure you’re getting them something they need. If the parents already have a list of things they’ve purchased, it’s okay to receive the exact item repeatedly.

7. Cultural Beliefs Or Backgrounds.

Receiving gifts for the kids related to the parents’ culture or beliefs might be particularly remarkable if the parents come from a particular background, practice a particular religion, or hold specific values.

8. Budget

When choosing a gift, it’s crucial to consider your budget. You can pick a fantastic gift at a price point that meets your budget because many excellent options are available.

You may want to buy them a lovely, costly gift, but try to give them what you can. Giving the baby gifts doesn’t stop on the day of the baby shower; you can continue to do so as long as you like.

30 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. Baby Shower cake

Best Baby Shower
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You may assist the new parents in creating a stunning baby shower cake that could turn heads because everyone attending the baby shower will undoubtedly want to indulge in some cake to experience the celebration.

The baby shower cake is included in the beautiful, vibrant decor that characterizes many baby showers. Just try to be as imaginative as you can.

You might create it very colorful and with various patterns, such as a cake in the shape of a diaper, a cake in the shape of a character from a cartoon, a cake in the shape of a baby shoe, and many more.

2. Baby Carrier

Baby Shower Gift
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One of the most thoughtful presents to offer to new parents is this one, especially if they may need to return to work soon after the baby is delivered. It can be very taxing to carry a baby in your arms all the time.

Therefore a baby carrier can be useful and relieve some of the tension. You can choose from various baby carriers anytime, based on your budget. The new parents will no doubt value your consideration.

3. Baby Monitor

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New parents no longer worry about constantly checking on their children because of technology. A baby monitor allows you to watch over or observe your child from the comfort of any room in the house.

Giving a new couple this considerate present will help them relax and simplify nursing, especially if they have no parenting experience.

4. Nursing Pillows

Baby Shower Gift
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I am aware that many guests at baby showers frequently only consider the newborn and omit to consider the mother’s comfort and well-being. While welcoming a newborn is a happy occasion, caring for the expecting mother is as crucial. So, it’ll be well-thought-out to give a new mother a nursing cushion as soon as possible to encourage her breastfeeding journey.

5. Baby Bath Tub

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Given baby bath time’s importance to new parents, giving them this gift is incredibly wise. With the help of this infant bathtub, bath time will become less of a chore and more enjoyable.

Make careful to pick a baby bath that fits your budget from among the many options available. Additionally, ensure your chosen type is vibrant and includes any cartoon characters.

6. Baby books

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Baby books may be an exciting part of the trip for parents who enjoy reading. Give them some books to encourage relationships and improve their child’s cognitive function.

7. Baby stroller

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One of the most thoughtful presents that will be helpful to new parents is this one. They can take their infant outside in a stroller to enjoy some time in the great outdoors, go for a run, etc. This is a must for parents because it dramatically decreases stress and tension.

8. Baby Swing

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A baby swing is a suitable gift. This gift is essential since it soothes babies who cry a lot. Their imaginations are engaged and piqued by this swing. Several baby swings are available; you only have to pick the one you feel most comfortable purchasing or the one that best fits your budget.

9. Boppy Pillows

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These cushions can be used for clutching, tummy time, or breastfeeding. One of the most thoughtful presents you could offer to any new parents is this. Selecting the one that best suits your aesthetic preferences from the various patterns and colors available is wise.

10. Baby Gym

Baby Shower Gift
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Baby gyms and colorful mats filled with toys for babies to enjoy are another extremely sweet and adorable gift you may offer any new baby at a baby shower. This could excite their senses and help them develop stronger cognitive abilities.

11. Baby Clothes

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Could we set everything else aside but for baby clothes? Nope, there can never be too many baby clothes for a newborn. Therefore, there’s no need to assume they have enough. Instead, you might purchase for them some adorable and warm baby clothes that are soft, snug, and colorful.

12. Baby Blanket

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Baby blankets are soft for playing with children, cuddling, or swaddling. This is another crucial gift to present to a new parent. This blanket is available in various colors and sizes; choose the one that best fits your needs and, likely, the color preference of your parents.

13. Baby Food Maker

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One of the most crucial tools, this food maker enables new parents to prepare healthier baby food conveniently at home. Many are a little pricey, but they make excellent gifts if you can afford them.

14. Baby Car Seat

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This gift will undoubtedly mean a lot to parents who frequently travel for pleasure. Having your infant safely buckled in your car while listening to gentle rhymes is nice. There are various kinds; it is wise to compare them and choose the best fits your budget.

15. Baby Bouncer

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A baby bouncer can assist youngsters in engaging their minds during their developing years while providing parents their time to accomplish other things. Children enjoy playing and managing their environment.

16. Baby Bottle Set

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One of the essential items any new parent needs is this bottle set. This bottle set comes with bottles, nipples, and other necessities for feeding. There are many different options and designs; be sure to look them over and decide which would fit your aesthetics.

17. Baby High Chair

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One of the most thoughtful presents you could offer new parents is this. When a baby chair is used, mealtime can be easier and more enjoyable for parents and babies. There are numerous sorts and patterns to choose from. Just be sure you purchase something adorable and within your price range.

18. Baby Slings And Wraps

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Every new parent will enjoy this present because it is a hands-free, comfy, and fashionable method to hold the infant. In addition, new parents will undoubtedly find this gift useful and stress-reducing with their first child if they are just starting.

19. Baby Milestone Blanket

Source: Amazon

This blanket is a fantastic and enjoyable way to monitor your baby’s development and growth. You could give this incredible gift to any new parent.

20. Baby Pacifiers

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Baby pacifiers are one of the best tools to soothe or calm a fussy baby, so you might want to consider giving the new parents one of these thoughtful gifts. This fantastic gift can significantly reduce their stress while also ensuring the baby’s constant happiness.

21. Baby Teething Toys

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This is a nice gift for a new parent because the toy calms children starting to erupt their first teeth. There are several kinds of infant teething toys, so you must choose one based on your budget.

22. Baby Playpen

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Children must play, and we must watch out that they are doing it safely because young children have a very high level of interest. A baby playpen is a fantastic gift that might be useful for babies. Babies can play and explore in safety and security there. 

23. Baby Bath Sets

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A baby bath set is unquestionably something to buy if you’re seeking a gift that is incredibly thoughtful and yet fits in a cool budget. This bath set has everything a baby needs for a fantastic bath experience.

24. Baby Wipes Warmer

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This is an excellent gift that is also useful. It is a practical gift that can make changing diapers more joyful and fun. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and quite considerate.

25. Baby Carrier Backpack

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This gift will mean a lot to parents who hike because it will be helpful as a durable and practical baby carrier while hiking or taking long walks.

26. Baby Night Light

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Giving the new parents some baby night lights can help them create a cozy and peaceful environment for their child while they are sleeping, making the nighttime for babies even more memorable.

27. Baby Sound Machine

Source: Healthline

This is yet another excellent gift suggestion. With the aid of this sound machine, you can help babies fall asleep in a peaceful environment.

28. Baby Nail Trimmer

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A baby nail trimmer is one of the most excellent options if you’re looking for a cheap but meaningful gift. They come in various designs, hues, and fashions; choose one that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities.

29. Baby Humidifier

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One of the most incredible gifts you can give new parents is this. A baby humidifier is a valuable gift to aid respiratory problems like congestion.

30. Baby First Aid kit

Source: Pampers

This pack is a requirement that includes everything needed to treat minor illnesses and injuries in babies. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts for new parents. 


Having given you a list of 30 baby shower gift ideas, we believe you’re ready to decide on the particular gift you will purchase for the next baby shower you’ll attend.

All you have to do is consider the factors we listed at the beginning of this guide–let them serve as a guide for you to make the perfect choice when buying any baby shower gift.

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