18 Reasons Why You Desperately Need A Baby 

Many parents (especially the newly married) feel this inherent need to have a baby without knowing why they feel that way. And that’s what we’re about to correct in this guide.

That said, we’ve spent time conducting credible research from relevant sources, curating 18 reasons why you desperately need a baby. Stay put.

Having kids is not always a bed of roses, as some parents have wrongly believed–parenthood comes with many challenges you may not see until you’ve become a parent.

Like I usually tell my friends, “parenting is a job that requires no prior experience – you just learn on the go and adapt to whatever situation comes with it.”

However, the beginning stage of parenthood can be exciting but somewhere along 8 years down the line, you begin to realize that the initial excitement about being a parent was somewhat misguided. 

You begin to notice it has been replaced by late-night lectures on tolerance and forgiveness, much more frequent yelling at their kids than one can ever imagine, counting down the minutes till bedtime, & a bit much wine when they’re finally sleeping. 

Then you start wondering why you wanted kids in the first place – if it was just a misguided excitement or subconscious manipulation that made you feel that way.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many excellent reasons to give birth to children if you seriously consider it. But you have to be skillful about making decisions regarding having a baby.

On that note, the following are the 18 reasons why you desperately need a baby.

18 Reasons Why You Desperately Need A Baby

1. To Leave A Legacy Behind 

Leaving a legacy behind is the primary reason for most parents (especially fathers). Because there comes a time when you might start wondering what it’s all for, and at that moment, you begin to feel the need to leave some of yourself behind, a legacy to carry on your name.

It is how you continue living through the lives of others to try and make this entire journey meaningful in the form of a legacy. It’s not just about passing on your genes; the physical characteristics, artistic prowess, passions, talents, etc. 

It’s also about your impact on the people you care about, and your children are your best option since they will live far beyond you, your pals, siblings, and parents. 

By having children, you have the chance to be recalled, to endure long after your passing, and to continue to influence people through the lessons you instilled in them. Don’t we all desire to live eternally? 

And having children is the best way to accomplish it without spending a fortune on Botox, facelifts, or anything else available to keep us looking young.

2. Having Someone To Look After Us As We Get Older 

We worry about spending our golden years alone, whether we choose to admit it or not. It’s a time for people in their advanced years when they go through those unavoidable life stages when their capacity to care for themselves slowly diminishes. 

Particularly if we marry later in life, we can’t always count on our partners to be available to reward us. Furthermore, there is no absolute assurance that they will always stick with us even as we get older.

Therefore, having children is the best chance of having at least one of them take care of our adult and grown-up diapers as we approach death. 

Additionally, depending on the point in life you have children, they ought to be youthful, healthy, and physically capable of catching you when you fall into your senior years. 

In addition, don’t they owe something to us? Like how our parents brought us into the world, society will always remind us that we owe them for that.

3. To Avoid Specific Diseases 

Some people believe that having kids increases our chances of preventing certain diseases. Although there is no assurance, this is something to consider.

We can reduce the chance of ovarian cancer by becoming pregnant, which effectively shuts down women’s ovaries for a minimum of nine months or more based on how our body functions. 

The fewer eggs/ovaries produce, the less likely their lining will be harmed and develop cancer. Breastfeeding and being pregnant at the early age of 30 can reduce a woman’s chance of breast cancer. In addition, nursing can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, ovarian or breast cancer, and other diseases. 

It is related to the protracted estrogen production when a woman is nursing. It’s absurd to think of a human swinging off that region of the body before birth, but trust me; the advantages are great for everyone concerned.

Although it doesn’t immediately lower fathers’ risk of sickness, it does encourage fathers to get off their behinds, care more regarding what they consume, and exercise more. All of those enhance the overall health of fathers. Once more, not my preferred, but a benefit of having children.

4. Having A Family Name 

Some of us need to protect family names with a long history. But, let’s face it, most of us feel obligated. 

The pressure to go above and beyond to ensure that your surname not only endures but is also recognized positively. 

Maintaining the family name is undoubtedly enough to have one or two children, regardless of whether you’re a long-lost member of any Royal family of some kind or feel a particular level of devotion to your father’s God-honest, industrious relatives.

No one, & it’s no one, likes to be that family member who kills the family reputation and name because they don’t want to deal with the tremendous restrictions of family life and several hundred soiled diapers. 

Additionally, picture the joy on your father’s face whenever you tell him that you & your spouse have prevented the family lineage from disappearing. Finally, the bonus is that you and your child will receive great baby shower presents.

5. Children Make A Home 

Simply put, it all comes down to residing in the home and letting things choose their spots; otherwise, you can ignore putting something away or find it too inconvenient to pull it out & put it out. 

You would never consider going shopping to find items to beautify your home. You’re just being lazy. Therefore, you think of yourself as simple. You prefer a straightforward home with tasteful decor and soft colors. 

Until we gave birth to children, that is how our home looked. Now that we have children, our house is continuously disorganized, with toys and filth everywhere. 

You’ve come to terms with the garish artwork on the refrigerator, the stickers & glittery jewels that adorn every inch of your kitchen, those baby dolls & clothes, the Shopkins, & the Hatchlings that, it seems, are more important than keeping the living room & bedroom tidy.

However, you get a home rather than a tidy, lovely house when all those things are together. And for nothing else would you sacrifice that. So you ought to try it out.

6. Making Enduring Memories

Who doesn’t enjoy perusing old pictures? But, unfortunately, when you browse through the closet and check out all the jewels you’ve packed behind it on those lazy, rainy evenings. 

Even more than browsing through the humiliating photo albums you have lying around, you adore glancing through the picture albums of your children.

It’s much more enjoyable to relive moments from the pregnancy, the delivery, the infant’s first weeks, sit-up, steps, and words, as well as all of their growth and development, wacky times, and adorable moments. Not only do you get to remember them, but you also get to accomplish it alongside them.

You get to include them in your group of friends, with whom you may exchange stories, inside jokes, and recollections. For example, do you still recall how you managed to get that googly eye onto your nose? 

Do you recall puking all over me? Add this justification to the previously cited one of “making your friend,” and you might as well call the purchase closed. That proves that having children is worthwhile, and it may be the closest you’ve come to understanding why I do what I do.

7. They Are Adorable 

There is no getting around this one. Most people would concur that, aside from possibly the cutest puppies, these tiny individuals are the cutest things ever to have lived.

Gushing over your child is the only thing that can compare to gushing over others’. 

If you have yet to have a child, you have no idea how adorable newborns are. 

Whether they have a nose resembling a ginger root or a unibrow, all babies are adorable. 

However, the cuteness naturally soars to new heights when it is your baby. For example, when you hugged your child, women gritted their teeth so hard that they cracked a tooth because they had the most rounded, soft, and squeezable cheeks ever. 

That’s how adorable your child can be. She was so adorable that I had to grit my teeth to keep from practically biting into her skin. So yes, due to the cuteness aspect, there is an undeniable appeal to having kids.

8. Maintain Your Mother’s Bond

Do you and your mother have a tense relationship? Maybe she disagrees with your spouse, employment, whereabouts, or any other decision you made about your life that she couldn’t be a part of. 

That mother-child bond is undeniably delicate and prone to breakdown, but nothing that comes to mind can bring a child closer to their mom than having children.

A lifetime of bad feelings can be erased by the joy & love that light up in your mother’s eyes whenever she gets to embrace her grandchild. But conversely, you will never become closer if you allow her to participate and if you ensure sure she feels important in your child’s life.

We’ve all heard that a grandma is a likable and far better parent figure than a mother; however, we haven’t experienced this.

They are more tolerant, understanding, and patient since they have been there and done that and do not experience the same acute stress as new mothers.

So, again, this is an important reason to think about having a kid for you, your household, and your extended family, though certainly not the only one.

9. To Maintain Our Youth 

Nothing keeps you feeling young at heart like singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” a hundred times, chasing after a toddler all day long, or playing eye spy in the shower. 

A lot of restless nights, bags under the eyes, a muffin top from comfort eating, or sullen cheeks from not having time to eat are all common throughout the first few years of parenthood.

There isn’t a fountain that could repair those kinds of harm. 

We genuinely believe that parenthood may help the aging process come to a complete halt once you get over that hump, have survived those nights when you felt like you would never make it, and the household has found its new groove. 

Fortunately, we, too, can gain from setting a good example for our kids by leading by example with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and living every day to the fullest. 

We must set the best possible examples for our children. The secret to keeping us all youthful is to take our children outside to play, eat the nutritious foods we urge them to eat, and laugh almost as frequently as they do.

10. Carry On The Family Enterprise

This concept is relatable to anyone who has toiled to build a family business and has poured their sweat, blood, & tears into maintaining it while they pursue an interest or a passion of their own. 

No one likes to see their hard work go down the drain after all the sacrifices taken to get a firm off the ground. So naturally, when the blessed time comes, you have a few options to consider retiring. First, you might consider selling your company if it is sufficiently profitable. 

Alternatively, you might transfer ownership to a child and keep everything inside the family. Again, not the finest reason to bring a child into the world, but when combined with a handful of others, it may provide a rather compelling argument. 

Additionally, it’s a great approach to help your kids decide on a job. There will undoubtedly be some resentment directed at you, and you will certainly respond with some pressure and guilt trips, but eventually, everything should work itself out.

11. To Be Raised From The Children’s Table 

How long have you been relegated to the kids’ table at all family gatherings? It was undoubtedly the most entertaining location when you were younger, but now that you’ve grown up, let’s face it: you’d prefer to be regarded as someone a little more mature than your six-year-old relative who is shoveling his mashed potatoes into his mouth by the fistful. 

And you’d love to avoid having any shady bodily fluids on the plate or between your hair by the time the evening is over.

Suppose you’re willing to explore new territory; in that case, you can bet that if you are pregnant or have recently given birth to the child above, you won’t be relegated to the card table down the hallway with the kids. 

Instead of the gorgeous red disposable cups consistently tossed from the kids’ table at the dog, you can advance to the larger table with lovely china and actual glasses. 

Even said, we secretly believe that there are instances when parents would like to have the option of sitting with their children because, let’s face it, there are moments when they have more to say than all of the invited adults together.

12. To Embrace The Joy Of Pregnancy

Every woman at least thinks about getting pregnant. The vastness of what our systems are capable of & how fortunate we are to be able to bring life into the world. 

Or the justification for eating whatever you want, gaining as much weight as you want, and temporarily enhancing specific physical features you may feel are generally lacking. 

Sincerely, it is a terrifying, intimidating idea that many of us wish to encounter—if only to understand what the heck everybody else is raving about. 

It isn’t very comforting, but curiosity seems ingrained in many of us. Nine months of having to experience a whirlwind of emotional reactions, the effects hormone levels can have on our minds and bodies, the stretching of the skin, the baby’s kicks, and the aches and pains. 

It’s scary; however, curiosity seems ingrained in many of us. If we’re lucky, most of us who have children will only have the opportunity to do so twice or once. 

Therefore, it is definitely worth everything that comes after to have the chance to appreciate the roundness of our developing bodies, the development of our breasts, and the attention that only pregnant women receive. 

Without a doubt, one would start the child-bearing process again only to get pregnant. And perform the round-bellied dance once more.

13. To Become More Accountable 

Finding the motivation to act morally gets increasingly challenging as we age. Not that we want to cause trouble by any means, but nobody is keeping an eye on us or calling to see how we’re doing. 

So we drive too fast, take shortcuts, and jaywalk when we shouldn’t. As we age, we usually learn how to break more laws, avoid getting caught, and get around some restrictions—but doing that as a parent is challenging. 

We can try and teach our kids right from wrong while doing the opposite precisely, but there is always a chance that we could be producing psychopaths. If that happens, one day, we might be held accountable for something from which we won’t be able to escape. 

But on the other hand, when you have children, you are compelled to take responsibility for your actions more seriously. Children are more perceptive than we sometimes realize. Furthermore, even if you could get away with a lot when they are little, you will eventually be caught. We can instruct them most effectively by setting a good example. And it makes us responsible.

14. Enter A New Social Group 

We only sometimes fit in such kind of drab corporate settings. We sometimes wish to fit in; let’s face it. But having a child alters your social status, and you are suddenly perceived and understood at levels you have probably never known. 

People want to interact with you and the kid, touch them, and hear about your labor and other baby-related events. On the street, mothers and soon-to-be mothers stop you from gushing over your child. Instead, they can’t wait to chat with you, tell you stories, and solicit your opinion. 

You only learn about this mysterious new social milieu once you begin pushing a pram around your neighborhood. Additionally, it is comforting. 

Consider that you could only join this desirable colony if you have kids. It’s a group of parents looking for links to other adults who can empathize and are also sleep-exhausted, irritated, and shell-shocked. 

This communal environment at least leaves you feeling less alone. You can build a new circle of pals as soon or as readily as you can right after giving birth. You get to meet a new group of pals who share your interests.

15. You Can, But Not Everyone Can

It’s challenging to talk about this one. But, in essence, it’s terrible and indeed a sad reality that not everyone can procreate. With all different things like hormone problems, scarring, early menopause, dysfunctional fallopian tubes, and endometriosis, to mention a few, can hinder a healthy pregnancy. 

But, naturally, it doesn’t cease because, after all, why would this be that easy? Other determinants include our habits, diets, physical exercise levels, and surroundings. For those of us who cannot, it is terrible and regrettable. 

However, it’s all the more motivating for those who can do it. 

We feel compelled to procreate because our bodies have been designed that way, and it would go against nature not to have at least one, if not more, children. 

We are afraid of taking for granted the incredible advantage of being competent to do anything that only some people can, as if not doing so would be a waste. However, it is a tremendous strain for a woman to bear if you need clarification on whether it’s something you genuinely want. 

Not to forget the profound disappointment felt by women who desperately want a child but cannot have one. 

Women’s first pregnancy usually teaches that they were unquestionably gifted with a body that could. All at home, on the couch in my living room; it took me 5 hours for the first and 3 hours for my second. You ought to have consumed more.

16. Lessening Boredom 

Things grow dull, monotonous, and bland as we age and possibly manage to settle into a comfortable pattern with our jobs, relationships, and friends. Unfortunately, it becomes predictable. 

In the office services profession, one can still clearly recall reaching the point where one was eager for the next “thing” to happen, but nothing was. Every day was the usual routine until suddenly; one had this thought of having babies. 

That is the issue. We will either seek to break from our routine and take an unplanned risk (that may turn out very badly) or adopt a harmful habit (that could also turn out very terribly) sooner or later. 

OR we choose to move forward with what appears to be the next logical step in our lives, which in my situation meant being pregnant. Having a child enables us to go on with our lives. 

However, it also creates a means for our lives to remain unpredictable. No matter what you intend to happen, things can alter if you have a young child, and I mean everything literally.

17. For All The Joy And Laughter In The World 

Now, be completely honest with yourself: have you forgotten to smile? Laugh and smile, I mean? Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to getting stuck in a rut where we only focus on getting by and making it to the next day. But, of course, we could all do that and most likely have done so in the past. 

What none of us can do is consistently experience unadulterated joy and laughter. In actual reality, only a youngster can achieve it. However, a child can also assist their parents if we are willing to let them. 

I think that kids have an infinite capacity for joy, so why wouldn’t anyone want to spend their days around them? Having our children would allow us to share pure, unadulterated delight with a child we contributed to creating. 

Still, we could also realistically choose to spend time with someone else’s child (who we don’t entirely know or understand). Someone who is a tiny replica of ourselves can remind us of the joy we previously experienced and may still be holding in our hearts.

18. Give Yourself A Second Chance To Get It Right 

Every one of us has felt that we’ve made poor decisions at some point. Would you choose to repeat the same action if given a chance? Although It’s known that it is not yet entirely possible, having a baby brings it incredibly close. 

Your child will make similar decisions if you encourage them to adore the same things you have always loved.

They might attend the college you wanted to participate in but were scared you wouldn’t get in, or they might act on the stages you’ve always wanted to perform on, or they could travel to all those far-off places you never imagined being able to see but have always wanted to. 

As a parent, you can convince your kid to take advice from your errors and decide to act in a way that you wish you had. 

Even your choices in relationships and love may fall under this category. You might encourage your kid to hold on to the one who escaped. 

One knows it’s not quite the same as doing it yourself, but it might give you a little satisfaction and give you some motivation to get yourself knocked up. 

Tips To Plan For A Safe Pregnancy

Visiting The Doctor 

Schedule appointments with your doctor three to six months before trying to conceive. You and the doctor should discuss the following as you prepare for your pregnancy: any recommended testing and any health conditions that may need to be managed. You can also take this further by reading about what you need for safe delivery.

Any Necessary Vaccinations. 

Consult your doctor about the safety of taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications while contemplating becoming pregnant. 

It would be best to ask about your upcoming cervical screening and breast self-examination throughout and after pregnancy.

Stop Using Drugs, Alcohol, And Smoking. 

Getting pregnant can be more challenging if you smoke cigarettes, drink excessively, or use other substances (like marijuana). 

Smoking, drinking alcohol and doing drugs while pregnant can harm the unborn child. Contact your doctor for guidance and a referral to support services if you or your significant other need assistance quitting smoking, drinking, or using other substances. 

It is ideal for women who are trying to get pregnant to drink nothing more than two cups of coffee every day because caffeine can impact fertility. Tea, cola, and energy drinks all contain caffeine as well.

Visiting The Dentist 

Pregnancy hormonal changes and morning sickness can increase the risk of dental issues. Therefore, before becoming pregnant, it is advised to have your teeth checked to address any problems that may already exist. 

Your dentist can also discuss maintaining healthy teeth and gums while pregnant.

For your baby’s brain and neurological system to develop normally, folic acid & iodine are essential. However, the accumulation of these nutrients can take some time. 

When you are trying to get pregnant, a daily folic acid & iodine supplement is ideal. The majority of pharmacies and grocery stores sell these supplements. 

Verify that the supplement includes at least 150mcg of iodine and 400mcg of folate. 

Also, check your iron levels to determine whether you require supplements. A low iron level can reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Diet, Exercise, And Weight

You may prepare for a healthy pregnancy by exercising regularly and maintaining a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

Getting pregnant could be more difficult if your weight is above or below a healthy range. To determine if you are a healthy weight, ask your doctor. Then, discuss the best action plan with your doctor to gain or reduce weight. 

Exercises for the pelvic floor are advised before, during, and after childbirth because they can prevent weak bladder, a typical issue for new mothers.

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